A total refreshments & convenience solution

tailored to meet your needs
Introducing our NEW collection of premium gourmet coffee

Delicious refreshments
at your fingertips!

We offer tasty fresh food options plus the convenience of a corner store so your team stays on-site and engaged. With our 24/7 self-service kiosk, you will have a wide variety of delicious sandwiches, salads, snacks and beverages at your fingertips!

Multiple Payment Options

We provide easy pay options including Apple or Google Pay, credit card and smart phone apps, as well as promotions and a rewards program which includes connections to personal charities of choice and loyalty points.

Fresh Food,
Local Ingredients

Our on-the-go meals are made daily by our chefs using local, fresh ingredients like hand-made baked bread and house-smoked meats.

Ultimate Break Space

We know that workplace design is viewed as a benefit and a tool to attract and retain top talent and boost morale, so we work with you to create an inviting space where people can relax and engage with their peers.

Dedicated Support

Our Key Account Managers provide best-in-class customer service by suggesting the optimal product offerings, helping update the “look and feel” of the break room experience and making proactive suggestions to engage your employees.


Our Category Management team analyzes top trends and ensures you have an up-to-date product mix to delight your team members.

Inventory Management

We will manage your market inventory based on real time reporting, helping you keep stock of what you have on hand and product movement.

Refreshments when and where
you want them

Whether you are craving the latest coffee-infused chocolate bar, a healthy protein bar or a traditional favorite, we have you covered.

Service Before
You Need It

Our state of the art technology alerts our team to your service needs before you ever have to make a call and allows for automatic product replenishment to eliminate out of stocks.

Healthy Options

Make it easier for your team to eat healthier by offering nutritious and delicious options that are clearly marked.

Multiple Payment Options

We provide easy pay options including Apple or Google Pay, credit card and smart phone apps as well as promotions and a rewards program which includes a connection to personal charities of choice and cash back.

Need an afternoon

We bring the complete coffee shop and tea house experience to your workplace to keep your team focused and productive. Choose from a variety of coffee and tea choices from national favorites like Starbucks, local and regional brands like Chameleon Cold Brew, and our own award-winning house brand.

We offer a wide variety of brewing equipment that can meet the needs of any size location.

Cold Brew Kegerator

The latest trend to hit office break rooms is the iced coffee keg dispenser. Cold brewing coffee gives it a smoother taste and releases some of the rounder, fruity notes that are not always noticed when brewed at higher temperatures.

View Kegerator
Single Serve

Single serve options make a perfect cup of coffee, espresso, tea, hot chocolate, or iced drink in less than 2 minutes with just a touch of a button.

Flavia C500 & Barista
Newco Fresh Cup & CX Touch
Keurig 150 & 3000
Bean To Cup

The Bean To Cup Coffee Maker is a specialty coffee brewer providing customizable options and freshly ground beans for an aromatic and delicious cup of coffee, latte, cappuccino, espresso and more.

Bravilor XL 233
Starbucks Serenade
Airpot/thermal Pot

When you need fresh coffee in the morning and have limited space, airpots can be an excellent choice and allow you to provide a variety of coffee blends. Airpots keep the coffee hot without applying heat, keeping coffee fresh for an extended time.

Bunn Digital Wave Brewer

Convenient coffee shop quality without the cost. Capsulized espresso machines are easy to use. Pop a capsule in the top of the machine, push a button and have a shot of espresso in seconds, with all the crema and flavor of a real Italian espresso.

SEGO by Bravilor
Nespresso Zenius
Brewed Tea And
Bag-in Box Tea

Featuring a variety of organic loose leaf and herbal teas as well as ice tea brewers.

Coffee & Tea service includes delivery and organization of supplies like sugar, creamers and cups as well as maintenance of the coffee brewers and pots.

An unlimited supply
of fresh water always on tap

Choose from a variety of flow water machines and ice dispensing solutions that are environmentally friendly and keep your team hydrated.  This smart water cooler brings flavors, fizz, and eco-friendly fun to your workplace. Pour something for everyone!

Water Flow Machines

Hot and cold bottle-less cooler with built in filtration makes clean great tasting water. Countertop and Free-Standing units available.

Ice Dispensers

Solutions available for any office or commercial facility with sanitary auto-dispense, no drain needed and compact designs.

Water Filter Service Program

As part of Accent’s commitment to increase our level of service, we are excited to introduce our Water Filter Service Program to improve functionality and life of the equipment, while protecting against contaminants and leaks.

Invigorate your break space

Want to provide all of the perks? Offering on-demand energy drinks, functional waters, protein bars, jerky, nuts, and more, allows your team to stay focused and energized.

Let our experts create an inviting break space with the right product offerings to keep your team engaged and productive.