Character Coffee. Est. 1994
Introducing our NEW collection of premium gourmet coffee
The Character brand is a collection of ultra-premium gourmet coffees preferred by industry leaders in the food service, convenience and travels venues. They are a creation of highly selected natural growths from diverse origins and terroir, blended and specialty roasted to give each of these blends a unique taste profile.

GRATITUDE This rich and full-bodied coffee is made using the finest Arabica beans to create the perfect balance of sweetness and acidity along with an enticing aroma. Don’t let the medium-dark roast fool you!  This blend can easily start your day with breakfast and then pairs well with a rich dessert!

HONOR Colombian carries the name recognition that has become  synonymous with quality coffee. Only the finest Colombian  beans are roasted to produce our 100% Colombian coffee.  This coffee’s sweet, rich aroma and acidic quality distinguishes  its unique flavor.

INTEGRITY A unique blend of 100% Arabica coffees from Central and South American coffee beans perfectly roasted to yield a delicious, satisfying brew to look forward to in the morning and at any time during the day. A standard roast develops the beans to their fullest flavor yielding a lively and sweet cup.

KINDNESS This medium roast coffee is 100% Arabica coffees blended  and medium roasted for abundant flavor and aroma. It’s  satiny-smooth finish that inspires another cup. Refined, light, fully satisfying cup of coffee.

KINDNESS DECAF An aromatic blend of Columbian and Central American Beans. The taste, rich in body, with balanced acidity, that ends with a well-rounded finish. Employing a European roasting style,  Signature Decaf provides a true coffee experience for the  decaf drinker.

LOYALTY Very dark brown roast with large amounts of oil on the beans surface. It is bittersweet, smoky, and pungent. This special dark roast develops the beans to their fullest flavor yielding a lively and bold cup of coffee.

VIRTUE Dark Roasted and fully developed, the deep roast gives this  blend of high-grown Arabica coffee beans their robust flavor and luxurious aroma. The taste is dark roast, sweet yet a mildly acidic and delicate nutty undertone provides a very satisfying cup.