Micro Market

How do I get started?

Contact us! One of our experienced representatives will guide you through the rest!

How can Accent help my business promote healthy wellness initiatives?

Accent Food Services remains committed to offering healthier snack, food, and beverage choices for our clients. We can implement a nutritional guideline program emphasizing sensible nutrition choices, nutrition education, and promote a healthy active lifestyle.

Can you put a market in this area?

Accent has a custom design team that can put a market almost anywhere.

How do I get a member discount on my purchases?

Accent will provide you with a member card which you can sign up to receive our member discounts!


Do you offer commissions?

We have commission programs to suit the needs of customers wanting additional income for their account.

Do you have healthy vending items and equipment?

Accent can deliver a 100% healthy vending menu.


What Kind of Coffee do you carry?

Accent carries most major brands and custom ground coffee with the right pricing for any customer needs.

Are condiments and cups included with Accent’s Coffee & Tea Services?


Who provides service on the equipment?

Accent services all equipment free of charge.