Accent is Committed to Safety

Complete Sanitation Protocol
from Warehouse to You

Providing a safe work environment and shopping experience has always been a top priority for Accent Foods. We are proud of the extra measures we quickly adopted as COVID-19 began to spread which have kept our employees and customers safe and healthy.

Safe Shopping

Our customers can rely on Accent Foods to help them safely bring their employees back into the workplace and provide them with refreshment services. We are committed to following a complete sanitation protocol from our warehouse to our customers.

We only use
disinfectant cleaners

Our drivers are equipped
with personal protection equipment and their health
is monitored daily

Our delivery vehicles
and equipment are
sanitized daily

Our customer locations
are sanitized before and
after each service

Accent can also help ensure our customers
have the safest shopping experience.

A safer shopping experience
for your employees

Our markets can be designed and marked to promote social distancing

We provide guidance on
sourcing and using appropriate personal protection equipment for each location

Touch free purchasing is
available on our kiosks

As we learn more about COVID-19, we will
continue to evolve to meet the needs of our employees and customers.