Micro Markets.

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Self-Checkout Markets offer a healthy, convenient, and efficient solution for your break room needs. This latest innovation in workplace dining combines the convenience and availability of traditional vending with the selection and taste of a full-service cafeteria.

Employees can choose over 300 food and beverage choices in a 24 hour, cafeteria style layout, customized to fit your needs! Our food choices are nearly endless with the self-checkout market and can include smoothies, yogurts, salads, pastries, and much more. Every self-checkout market is designed and constructed specifically for your workplace, with your employees in mind.

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Fresh Food Made Daily.

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Increased Food & Beverage Selections
Your employees can now enjoy a wider selection of fresh food and snack choices. Our options include garden-fresh salads, restaurant-style deli sandwiches, pastries, breakfast items, and much more. By offering a larger selection of food and beverage choices, the self-checkout market greatly improves overall morale, resulting in more efficient and effective employees.

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Food Safety.

Food safety is the fourth leg of our total refreshment solution. Accent Foods continues to be the innovative leader in our industry, and has made a commitment to provide you only the freshest and highest quality foods. We have introduced a food safety system that was first developed by NASA, to provide only wholesome food for the astronauts; HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point). This program has been the bedrock program for food safety since the late 60s and is still used today in certain high-risk food processing facilities. It requires us to introduce controls into our food system to assure we are monitoring food safety risks. To enrich this process, we have established an environmental monitoring program to assure our facility is as clean and pathogen-free as possible. These steps enhance our commitment to you, to provide only the freshest and safest food possible.

Brands You Know & Love.

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Hybrid Markets.

combining fresh food and a 24 hour refreshment solution…

Fresh Kitchen Providing Hot Fresh Food, Salads and Soups During Designated Times

Self Check Out Market Providing Fresh Grab and Go Food , Snacks and Refreshments Twenty Four Hours a Day

Benefits & Features.

a new way to serve your emplyees…

  • One Vendor for All of Your Break Room/Refreshment Services
  • Completely Customizable
  • Reduced Build Out Costs Compared to Traditional Café, Deli or Cafeteria
  • Guaranteed Food Options for the Life of the Contract/No Operator Turnover
  • Reduced Energy Costs and Lower Maintenance Costs
  • Catering Options For Company Events
  • Great Selling Point for Future Tenants/Employees
  • Hot Food, Salad Bar and Soup Options
  • Rotating Menus
  • 24/7 Fresh Food and Market Access
  • Wellness Programs for Tenants and Their Employees
  • Monthly Market Promotions
  • No Need for Vending Machines
  • Personal/private tracking of consumption/calories/fat
  • Fresh foods and healthy snack offerings
  • Product promotions
  • Technology advancement including thumbprint readers
  • Value added market card promotions

We Can Customize Any Space.

Our Self-Checkout Markets are completely customizable. Whether your space is a converted office space, your current break room, or an employee common area, our design consultants can design and construct an inviting and accommodating market. Our experts will assist you in designing and implementing the best marketplace to fit both structural requirements and overall design elements at your location. Each and every project is first digitally rendered. View example renderings below.

Split Design Rendering
L Shaped Market
L Shaped Market Design Rendering
46ft Straight Market
46ft Market Design Rendering