An unlimited supply of fresh water always on tap.

Low-Profile Countertop Water Cooler

Hot and cold bottle-less cooler with built in filtration makes clean great tasting water. Sleek compact design fits under standard cabinets.

Two Temperatures
Hot & Cold

Standard Features
•Cost efficient & robust machine to fit any budget
•Ideal water capacity for small workplaces
•Unlimited hot, cold, and ambient water options
•Tower and countertop models to suit any workplace
•Easy connection to your existing water supply

Special Features
•Biocote antimicrobial protection to reduce the spread of germs.
•BPA Free and better for the environment
•Recessed faucet to prevent contamination
•Energy Star certified

Filtered Water Logic 100

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Water Filter Service Program.

As part of Accent’s commitment to increase our level of service, we  are excited to introduce our Water Filter Service Program.


  • Carbon block Filter finely polishes water for the highest quality product
  • Protection against contaminants, and lime scale
  • Improves functionality and life of the equipment while also reducing the risk of water leaks

Filter Types

Everpure® 2CB-GW
For Food Service, Vending and Office Coffee service applications
Everpure® 2CB5
For single cup machines

Annual Filter Service

Our standard filter service includes:

  • Filter replacement
  • Equipment cleaning, flush, and evaluation
  • Connection check to prevent water leaks

NOTE:  Higher use, ice maker, water cooler, and geography my alter the frequency of service.

Ice Machine Solutions.

An ice machine solution for any office or commercial facility. Sanitary auto-dispense, no drain and compact design makes the new Follett 7 unique and easily placed anywhere in your office. Sleek, attractive ice and water dispensers produce up to 125 lbs. of chewable ice in a 24-hour period. A storage capacity of 7 lbs., the under counter model can easily replace other under counter icemakers that require a scoop to remove ice. Note: Comes in a self-standing and countertop model as well.

90 lb (40.9 kg) ice storage capacity
Removable air- or water-cooled ice machine with up to
425 lb (193.0 kg) daily ice production
– soft, chewable, compressed nugget ice is preferred over cubes1
and is ideal for patient care
– Quiet Night™ sleep mode turns off ice machine when idle
Designed with sanitation in mind
– automatic self-flushing of ice machine removes impurities
– drain cup provides internal air gap for added protection of
food zone components from drain line contaminants
– Agion® silver-based antimicrobial provides protection of key ice
and water contact components2
– one-hand lever or SensorSAFE™ infrared ice dispense
Dependable design, easy to service and clean
– cleaning and sanitizing of entire machine takes only 1 hour
– LED control board provides at-a-glance machine status
– panels are easily removed for accessibility to all components
– ice machine parts are common across all
Symphony Plus dispensers
– stainless steel evaporator and auger deliver long life
Environmentally responsible
– meets Consortium for Energy Efficiency Tier 2 specifications
– R404a refrigerant has zero ozone depletion potential
– ice-only dispensers are ENERGY STAR® certified3
– continuous ice making process uses less electricity

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