Coffee Services.

the brands you know…

Starting with the brands you know and love, Accent Food Services brings the coffee house to your office, keeping employees alert and productive.

Accent is a full line provider of coffee & tea services and equipment including single cup, ground, and whole bean, brewed tea and bag-in-box tea. We take pride in the quality of our coffee and tea offerings and our quality of service. For each customer, Accent Food Services will develop a program that provides a hassle-free supply of coffee and related products for your employees’ benefit.

We are committed to offering the best coffee & tea service in the industry. That is why with each delivery, our coffee & tea representatives will organize the coffee area/tea and supplies, clean the coffee brewers and or tea brewers, and assess all equipment to ensure the best coffee & tea is brewed each and every time.

All major brands of coffee & tea are available. In addition, we offer a complete line of specialty coffee choices, including single cup, whole, and ground bean options. We also serve the finest hot chocolates and teas along with creamers, sugar and other coffee related items.

State of the Art Equipment.

the very best equipment available…

Starting with the finest coffee, we bring the coffee shop to your office by providing the very finest coffee brewers available. We offer a wide variety of brewing equipment that can meet the needs of any size office. Options include: Single Serve, Bean to Cup, Airpot/Thermal Pot, Expresso, and more. For more information on specific equipment, contact us.

  • Barista Single Serve

    Single Serve

    Single serve coffee makers make a perfect cup of coffee, tea, or iced drink in less than 2 minutes with just a touch of a button. Its compact size is perfect for smaller spaces, dorms, offices, or vacation homes.

  • Starbucks Serenade Bean to Cup

    Bean to Cup

    The Bean To Cup Coffee Maker is a compact bean-to-cup machine provided with an icons control panel with the possibility to customize your coffee as you prefer. Equipped with a manual cappuccino device to prepare easily a great cappuccino or hot milk. Features a cup holder and water filter.

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    Airpot/Thermal Pot

    When you need fresh coffee in the morning and have limited space, airpots can be an excellent choice. Airpots keep the coffee hot without applying heat to the coffee, therefore the coffee tastes fresher for a longer period of time. Airpots require very little counter space and can be a great fit for any small office.

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    Espresso machines in the workplace are an excellent “perq” for employees, and it also keeps employees in the office longer. Employees avoid the high costs of a coffee shop and are allowed to continue productivity. Capsulized espresso machines are convenient and easy to use. Pop a capsule in the top of the machine, push a button and have a shot of espresso in seconds, with all the cream and flavor of a real italian espresso.

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    Brewed Tea & Bag-In Box Tea

    A tea brewer is an excellent addition to any office. According to this new YouGov survey, 42 percent of Americans under age 30 prefer to drink tea, with an identical 42 percent saying they prefer coffee. Further, 27 percent of millennials only drink tea. That’s a huge difference from their parents and grandparents, with 70 percent of Americans over the age of 65 saying they prefer a damn fine cup of coffee.

Service Details.

we’re going to change the way you think about service…

We supply and deliver everything you need: creamer, sweetener, special requests. All and any brands you want.
Napkins, utensils, cups… supplies come to you, with a wide selection of green products.
With every delivery, our staff clean and sanitize the coffee brewers and pots, clean the coffee station area, and organize the supplies. We will fill the required product inventory to pre-established levels.
Service will be performed on an as needed basis or as often as necessary to maintain proper inventory levels for your employees satisfaction.
All major brands are available. In addition, we offer complete specialty coffee programs, including Café Blanco, a gourmet Colombian blend.
Non-coffee drinkers? Our tea and cocoa options are available on demand.