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Over 20 years of experience serving fresh food.

Accent Food Services is the premier provider of business break room services throughout the state of Texas. With our ever increasing services, technology, and products, Accent Food Services has exceeded customer expectations for over 20 years!!!

Our success and growth within the industry are a result of offering the highest quality products and services through creative and customized programs. We attribute our success to the quality of our products, our commitment to delivering high customer service levels, and the dedication of our staff. “Our people and our customers will always be the most valuable assets to our company.

We offer services in Austin, Houston, San Antonio, Dallas / Fort Worth, Temple, and East Texas. Click here to see a list of of locations and contact information.

Accent is only as good as our people. We employ expertly trained professionals with an attention to detail and outstanding customer relation skills.

Superior route service & maintenance.

We are responsible for keeping machines in tip-top shape. With an average of 10+ years experience in the vending industry, our highly trained technicians are on call 24 hours a day / 365 days a year.

When a service call comes in, it is logged into our tracking system and a technician is immediately dispatched to your facility. Any issues are reported back and logged, which quickly identifies a problem machine. All service issues are handled professionally, promptly and courteously.

What people are saying.

  • We have been a customer of Accent Foods since 2006. We have over 800 employees using the vending machines and drinking Flavia coffee every day. The reasons we have stayed with Accent Foods for so many years is the quality of service, rapid response for any issues, the quality of the product, ability to provide me suppliers at other sites throughout the USA and reasonable prices. I do an annual review of other vendors to ensure I am getting the best supplier for the company. The answer every year is stay with Accent Foods.
  • Accent has transitioned from vendor to trusted partner as we have worked together for close to 10 years.  We value their service and professionalism.
  • As we continue to grow as a company I fully plan to continue to leverage Accent Foods for market services at all locations and would highly recommend Accent Foods to any company looking to provide quality food options for their employees.

Accent Food Services’ strategic investments in non-traditional areas has allowed it to grow into one of the largest Texas total refreshment solution providers.


Cuipo Water Launches in the State of Texas with Accent Food Services

Solana Beach, CA. September 9, 2016—The Big Beverage Company along with Cuipo, the innovative social enterprise working to protect and preserve the world’s endangered rainforest one square meter at a time, is pleased to announce our partnership with Accent Food Services to expand Cuipo Water distribution throughout the state of Texas.


“The success of Cuipo Water is very important in our overall vision of saving the rainforest through our non-profit One Meter at a Time Foundation and having Accent Food Services as our partner in Texas will enable us to successfully accomplish our goal,” said Tom Murray, CEO of Cuipo LLC. “There is a sense of urgency to preserve the rainforest, every second one football field of rainforest is destroyed.” The rainforest cools the planet, sequesters greenhouse gases and purifies air, soil and water. They nourish biodiversity and shield wildlife. “We are thrilled to partner with Accent Food Services”, added Jean Terminiello of The Big Beverage Company. “Cuipo’s patented technology to save the rainforest, coupled with a 100% Recycled PET bottle resonates with millennial consumers and a whole new green generation who prefer to support products and companies that care about their impacts. Like Cuipo, Accent Food Services is committed to supporting a healthy lifestyle and their strong presence in the Texas market provides the reach we need to serve our loyal consumers in the food service sector.” John Christian, Chief Marketing Officer of Accent Food Services, remarked that “Cuipo Water provides a unique offering in our otherwise broad healthy options and Pick Fit™ vending solutions. We are excited to meet the pent up demand for Cuipo and we look forward to growing Cuipo Water’s presence in the Texas market.”

Cuipo’s rapid national expansion comes on the heels of its recent launch at the National Restaurant Association Show in Chicago. Cuipo is available in more than 5,000 food service, lodging and at work outlets on the west coast in and is currently expanding throughout the U.S.


Started in 2008, Cuipo (pronounced kwee-po) was created to inspire the preservation of our rainforests by inspiring individuals and institutions to act and become responsible trustees of the planet. To learn more about Cuipo Water, visit

The Big Beverage Company (TBBC) is a U.S. based beverage firm that specializes in commercializing brands and is the exclusive license partner for Cuipo Beverages. The firm was founded by veteran beverage industry executives Jean Terminiello and Tim Goff. (

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